Blessed through the Work of Phillip Doddridge

20120916-102513.jpgIn my continuing quest for new sources of old hymns I was thrilled to discover a set of THE WORKS OF THE REV. P. DODDRIDGE, D. D.  Phillip Doddridge has long been one of my favorite hymn writers by virtue of his having penned one of my favorite hymns, DO NOT I LOVE THEE, O MY LORD. Doddridge was a pastor, theologian and teacher in England from 1722 until his death on October 26, 1751.  Doddridge was a member of an independent (not a member of the Church of England) nonconformist church and served as pastor for 22 years at the congregation in Northampton.

In his short life, Doddridge was blest to be contemporary of some truly great men whose names still live in our collective memories.  He was a close friend of George Whitefield and the Wesley’s, and was an acquaintance of both Dr. Isaac Watts, Dr. John Gill.  Augustus Toplady was greatly influenced by Doddridge’s poetry and writings. When informed of Doddridge’s death in 1751, George Whitefield (1714-1770) is reported to have exclaimed, “Doddridge is gone, Lord Jesus, prepare me to follow after.”

20120916-102537.jpgIn addition to more than 374 hymns written during his lifetime, Mr. Doddridge also left a rich legacy of writing in a few volumes which have come down to us today.  In the attached clipping from Hassell’s History of the Church of God, Doddridge is credited with the authorship of “A Family Expositor” and “The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul.”

Mr. Doddridge’s simple manner of writing is very effective in communicating his desired points with clarity and precision.  In reading his writing, I don’t often find myself wondering “what is he trying to say.” His FAMILY EXPOSITOR is written in a parallel form with the KJV and his own paraphrase in the body of the book and extensive footnotes throughout.


Hymns of Doddridge which have truly fed my soul have been the substance of my Facebook postings for the past few weeks.  His hymns are arranged by scriptural references as they were composed to attend specific sermons preached from his pulpit, and also include miscellaneous hymns composed for national fast days and times of great political upheaval.

“Gal. 2. 20.

My Jesus, while in mortal flesh,
I hold my frail abode,
Still would my spirit rest on thee,
Its Saviour, and its God.

By hourly faith in thee I live
‘Midst all my griefs and snares;
And death, encounter’d in thy sight,
No form of horror wears.

Yes, thou hast lov’d this sinful worm,
Hast given thyself for me;
Hast bought me from eternal death,
Nail’d to the bloody tree.

On thy dear cross I fix mine eyes,
Then raise them to thy seat;
Till love dissolves my inmost soul,
At its Redeemer’s feet.

Be dead, my heart, to worldly charms;
Be dead to every sin;
And tell the boldest foes without,
That Jesus reigns within.

My life with his connected stands,
Nor asks a surer ground;
He keeps me in his gracious arms,
Where heaven itself is found.”

An additional work which I believe to be especially valuable is his, “Sermons on the Education of Young People” comprised of  four messages entitled: “On the Way in which they should be trained up;” “Arguments to enforce the Duty;” “Advice to Parents;” and “An Address to different Relations, &c.

Introducing the publication of these addresses, Doddridge wrote the following which I think speaks volumes regarding his character and pastoral care for his congregation:

“That tender concern for you and yours, which led me to treat of education, engaged me also to manage it in such a manner, as I apprehended might be most for your advantage and for theirs; that is, to make it, as far as I could, a warm and serious address to you.  I have likewise, for the same reason retained that form in transcribing them for the press; though I am sensible it might have appeared more fashionable and polite, to have cast them into a different mould, and to have proposed my remarks in a more cool and general way.’

‘It is indeed my deliberate judgment, that there is an important difference between popular discourses and philosophical essays.  The more I converse with the most celebrated speakers of antiquity, them ore I am confirmed in that thought; and I will take the liberty to add, that, for the sake of common christians, I could wish it were more generally considered.  Bud whether in this respect I am in the right or the wrong, I must say with the apostle to the Corinthians, ‘Brethren, it is for your sakes.’

‘I would not willingly disgust persons of elevated genius and refined education; but I must confess, the great labour of my life is to bring down my discourses to common apprehensions, and to impress the consciences of men by them in subserviency to the momentous design of their eternal salvation.  And as I am your shepherd, and you in a peculiar manner the people of my care, whom God has committed to my hand, and of whom he will require an account from me, I would always cherish a peculiar concern for you; and desire that, whenever I appear amongst you, my heart may overflow with a kind of parental tenderness for you.  There are, perhaps, some traces of this in these discourses, which a severe critic may censure, and a profane wit may deride; nevertheless I have a cheerful hope, that they will be accepted by God, and approved by you.  If divine grace render them useful to others, I would own it as an additional favour; and that they might be so, I have diligently avoided whatever might offend any serious reader; yet they are yours by a peculiar claim.  For you I composed them; for you I published them; and to you I now present them; humbly commending them and you to the blessing of God, and entreating your continued prayers, that it may attend all the labours of’

Your very affectionate Brother,
and obliged Servant,
in our common Lord,

Doddridge’s closing hymn provided as a prayer of “Thanksgiving for National Deliverance, and Improvement of it” seems especially appropriate for our use in the United States today.

“Salvation doth to God belong;
His power and grace shall be our song;
His hand hath dealt a secret blow,
And terror strikes the haughty foe.

Praise to the Lord, who bows his ear
Propitious to his people’s prayer;
And, though deliverance long delay,
Answers in his well chosen day.

“O! may thy grace our land engage,
Rescued from fierce tyrannic rage,
The tributes of its love to bring
To thee, our Saviour, and our King!”

Our temples guarded from the flame,
Shall echo thy triumphant name;
And every peaceful private home
To thee a temple shall become.

Still be it our supreme delight
To walk as in thy honour’d sight:
Still in thy precepts and thy fear,
To life’s last hour to persevere.”




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Family Update

In the two years that have passed since our last blog entry, obviously, there is much that has changed in our family.  Joshua, who we introduced in our last post is now about to turn 2-years-old.  He is lively, talkative, and acts much older than his years.  He is a loving big brother to our newest addition, Zane Isaac, who was born into our family on February 10, 2012.

We continue to home educate our four older children as well, and have begun a new adventure this year through joining a new Classical Conversations community which has begun in San Antonio.  Beth is working her way through the Challenge A level of Classical Conversations, while Emily, Jeremiah and William are pursuing mastery of the CC Foundations Cycle-1.

We have also joined a start up 4-H club which meets in our neighborhood and are looking forward to the opportunities for new experiences that 4-H will provide.  Projects of particular interest around our home are poultry (we currently care for a flock of 6 hens, 1 rooster, and 13 chicks whose gender is yet to be determined.)

We continue to attend Luling Primitive Baptist Church on a regular basis whenever Joseph is not committed to preach at other locations.  Joseph preaches each Sunday evening at the West San Antonio Primitive Baptist Fellowship where we are pursuing a study through the book of the prophet Isaiah (currently in Isaiah 27) and alternate Tuesday evenings at the Seguin Primitive Baptist Fellowship.

We appreciate the prayers and friendship of many of you who have emailed and/or used social networking sites to keep up with our family for the past couple of years.  It is our intent to revive the use of our website and blog page to provide routine updates and a forum to share our thoughts, struggles, and adventures in parenting, schooling, and pursuing God’s direction in our lives as we strive to live for his glory and praise.


Joseph, Rachel, Beth, Emily, Jeremiah,
William, Joshua and Zane Isaac Weyel


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Joshua Blaze Weyel is Here

5c130b62-6933-4da6-82bc-50de03666745_1For all of you who may have at one time been following our Blog, I do wish to apologize once again for our failure to update with all of the changes and progress that our lives have undergone.  As many of you may know, we returned to San Antonio, Texas, from Cambodia (Rachel and the Children in April, Joseph in June) and have returned to a reasonable facsimile of the life that we left behind.  We continue to think often of our friends and loved ones in Siem Reap, Stoung, Kampong Thom, and the various other corners of the far East.  God willing, we hope to return again on many occasions to share in the work that God has begun among his people.

In January of this year (2010) we learned that we were expecting our 5th child, and by God’s grace and mercy, we received that blessing as Joshua Blaze Weyel was born at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, on September 20, 2010 at 7:36 AM (CST) weighing in at 6 lbs, 6 oz, and 20 inches in length.  Rachel is continuing to recover at home and the rest of the children are helping out and trying to keep their focus on school work, chores and other important tasks at hand.

In other news, Joseph has returned to the role of pastor at Luling Primitive Baptist Church in Luling, Texas, where he preaches each Sunday morning, and continues to lead Sunday evening Bible study sessions in our neighborhood fellowship,

Beginning next Tuesday, October 12, 2010, Joseph and a few other ministers will be preaching on a regular basis at the Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church meeting house near Seguin, Texas.  This church ceased regular meetings in June of 2008, and this new outreach is an attempt to re-introduce the doctrines of Sovereign grace to this community. Please join us in prayer for this effort.


The Weyels

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Two Year Anniversary

On January 31, 2010 we marked the two year anniversary of Pure Religion Orphanage in Stoung, Cambodia. We did not mark the occasion with any special celebration or activities, but a number of prayers of thanksgiving have gone up to our Lord as we acknowledge His grace in blessing the work here so far.

Phean David, Elder Guna, Hen Chandara

Phean David, Elder Guna, Hen Chandara

In the early part of January, we were blessed with a visit from our dear friend and fellow labourer, Elder Gunasekaran, from Tamil Nadu, India. Brother Guna arrived on January 4 and remained with us until the 14th. During those 10 days, he was able to preach to the congregation at Varin, at Koh Kruhl village, Siem Reap Province, as well as to spend two days in teaching the church leaders from Kampong Thom Province.

We also took advantage of Brother Guna’s extensive experience and ability with orphanage administration (Brother Guna has established and directed 3 orphanages in India) as he reviewed the record keeping and audited the books of our orphanage.

Brother Guna was a great encouragement to us as we review both the progress and the challenges of the work here and discussed plans for the near future.

Visitng Ta Prohm before flying home.

Visitng Ta Prohm before flying home.

We are praying that God will enable Guna to have an even greater and more active role in the gospel labors here in days to come.

We are moving forward with the land purchase in Stoung. Things have not progressed as quickly as we had hoped, however, we know that God is in control and we want to move only according to His timing.

From the outset of our negotiations with the land owner (seller) we have made it clear that we will only purchase land that is registered with the government and has a proper (legal) title. According to my attorney there are more than 10 million tracts of land in the Kingdom of Cambodia and presently only about 10 % of them are actually titled.

In spite of this instruction, the seller refused to spend the money for the registration and attempted to close the transaction without delivering an actual title.

After involving an attorney and making our instructions clear once again, the seller has agreed and we are anticipating another month or so before the transaction can be completed. We are thankful for all who have donated and contributed to this effort and are striving to be responsible in handling your gifts.

We have continued to attempt to provide basic needs and assistance to a variety of Khmer neighbors, friends, and church members. We appreciate your prayers for each of them that God will minister to them through us and that they will be brought to useful service in His kingdom.

Our friend Sokhom is struggling as the weight of affliction in his life has increased since his committment to Christ. Pray that he will be strengthened and that his faith does not fail.


The Weyels

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2010 Update

Brothers and Sisters, and Friends:


As we enter this new year, we are made to reflect on the many changes and blessings that God has brought into our lives and into the lives of the children and staff of Pure Religion Orphanage. 


As a family, we have just marked the completion of 7 months living in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  When we moved here in May of this past year, we had no idea what challenges would await us, nor could we have imagined all that we have experienced as God has shown His mercy and love to our family by extending His mighty and sustaining arm to support us.


In the past year, the orphanage has continued to operate smoothly with the addition of four new children and a periodic turnover of some staff members.  The children have manifest a continued growth in knowledge of the Bible, English, and have all excelled in their classes at the local public schools.  We were blessed to join with the children and neighboring Christian community for worship this past Sunday morning and rejoiced in their witness.


In response to many prayers and the support of friends like you, the PRM Orphanage of Stoung, Kampong Thom is about to embark on a great adventure.  We have contracted to purchase 1.6 hectares just north of Stoung on which we hope to build permanent facilities for housing the children, staff, a classroom/meeting house, and additional facilities.  The land has been secured at a significantly discounted price of 22,500.00 USD and we recognize God’s hand in both making the property available as well as working in the heart of the land owner to agree to our offer.  We have obtained funding to pay for about half of the purchase price and need to present a final payment by the end of January.  The acquisition of the property is by no means the completion of our project, but instead represents the beginning of the task.  We must now complete our facility planning, secure the donations to allow for the construction (about 80,000.00 USD), and finally actually complete the buildings and infrastructure to support our planned effort.


Our goal for PRM Orphanage in Stoung is to provide accommodations for as many as 40 children to live, receive vocational, biblical and language training from the time of admission to a minimum of their 18th year.


The ministry here is a very slow and patient exercise in which we are attempting to provide Biblically sound instruction and training in both doctrinal and practical aspects of church structure and administration as well as the simplicity of the gospel message of salvation by free and sovereign grace.  It is very apparent that God has raised up a people in this nation called by His Spirit to believe His truth. However, it is sometimes difficult to communicate that truth effectively and the process of building a Biblically founded understanding is often slow and labored.


In his “Twelve Marks of the Apostolic Church” Elder Hassell observed, “With a few exceptions, the members were generally poor, obscure, unlearned, afflicted, despised and persecuted.”  We have to be reminded frequently of this truth as we grow frustrated by the lack of education and comprehension of what to us are very simple truths.  We have relied primarily upon the translation efforts of Brother Hen Chandara in my preaching to small congregations around the provinces as well as in the publication of a few documents.  We have self-published a copy of Elder Zack Guess’ Undeniable Doctrinal Truths and are in the process of completing the translation of Elder Michael Gowens’ Basic Bible Doctrines.  It is our hope to have both books as well as Elder Bradley’s tract Some Things You Need To Know About God professionally printed for distribution before the end of 2010.  We have also benefited through the efforts of others in the publication of the 1689 London Confession of Faith in the Khmer language.


We have received a number of believers for baptism including approximately 25 former pastors.  Our present struggle is in assisting those men in their studies and evaluating the knowledge and calling of each of them.  It is our hope that by God’s grace we will be able to consider ordination of some pastor/teachers within the next year as well as constitution of churches in Stoung, Varin, and the Kampong Thom area.


God willing, Elder Gunasekaran will be visiting with us next week, January 7-14, for his second visit (he was with us at the establishment of the orphanage in 2008).  We are looking forward to hearing him preach and to receiving his counsel as he evaluates the growth and direction of the work here.  Please pray that God will bless his stay with us and for additional ministers to feel burdened to assist us in the work here in Cambodia. 


Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.


In Christ,


Joseph and Rachel Weyel

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

We want to wish a very happy and joyful day of thanksgiving to all of our readers, friends, and loved ones. We have just completed our first observance of our favorite national holiday experienced in a foreign country.

The seeming lack of concern by the Cambodian people and many of our new friends here for our peculiar day of worship and thanks did not in the least bit deter or dampen our fervor. In fact, though we had received at least two gracious invitations to join with other American missionaries for the observance of today, we chose instead to celebrate privately in our home.

BethEm and WillIndian Jer


The day began with a game of dress-up in which the boys tried out their excellent new American Indian costumes and the girls dressed in 19th century pioneer outfits complete with their white bonnets and aprons.  The children also completed some really exceptional paintings and artwork (see Facebook photo albums) while Mommy was busy in the kitchen.


While Joseph slept in, Rachel worked in the kitchen preparing a traditional Thanksgiving feast. With only a minor interruption/trial in that Joseph failed to remove his passport from yesterday’s trousers resulting in it being washed along with his temporary driver’s license, visas, and endorsements (Joseph will be travelling to Phnom Penh next week to sort things out at the Embassy and Immigration Offices) the day was spent in play, rest, and actual giving of thanks.

Tonight, leftovers were served in the living area as we watched the first half of the Little House on the Prairie made for television movie together.

To close the day, we opened and read the notes of thanks giving which each of our family have prepared for the past five days and placed in a jar for safekeeping. The notes (in no particular order and without credit to their authors) were as follows:

  • I am thankful for God’s forgiveness.

    Jar of Thanks Giving

    Jar of Thanks Giving

  • Iam thankful for my friends.
  • I am thankful for God’s love – I love God.
  • I am thankful for Mommy and Daddy.
  • I am thankful that God loves us enough to give us His word and allow us to share His word with others, even in South East Asia.
  • I am thankful that I have a God to love.
  • I am thankful for dishwashers.
  • I am thankful for rain and that I get to play in it.
  • I am thankful for our 4 healthy and smart children.
  • I am thankful that we have friends in Cambodia.
  • I am thankful for the United States of America and for the freedom that we enjoy as citizens.
  • I am thankful for our American Flag. (we have one hanging on our gate.)
  • I am thankful for a God fearing husband.
  • I am thankful for our car.
  • I am thankful that I have a family to love and to be kind to.
  • I am thankful for my family.
  • I am thankful for Jesus’ love and for the gift of salvation in the knowledge that he has given.
  • I am thankful for the strong arms of my Heavenly Father, and His faithfulness to carry me so many times when I was too weak to walk.
  • I am very thankful that we have a place to stay.
  • I am thankful for dress up clothes.
  • I am thankful that I have a place to live.
  • I am thankful for the telephone.
  • I am thankful for you and me.
  • I am thankful for the mango tree.
  • I am thankful that God has provided me a job and the ability to support our family, especially in this time when many men cannot.
  • I am thankful for two beautiful girls, two handsome boys, and for their Mommy most of all.
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Sunday Worship at Varin

This past Sunday morning, we were finally able to attend worship in the village of Varin, Siem Reap Province.  This church has a special place in my heart, because it is made up primarily of the first new believers that requested baptism from myself and Elder Tucker in October 2008. 

Since that time, we have been blessed to meet with their leader, Brother David Phean, a number of times, and have been able to assist in completing improvements to their meeting house and property as outlined in an earlier blog posting, but until this weekend we were not able to actually meet with them in the worship service.

Brother Dara came up on Saturday evening and I was able to spend a few hours working with him on orphanage and administrative items.  The plan was for us to go to Varin along with Sokhom’s family on Sunday morning while Rachel and the kids were going to remain at home.  As it happened, Sokhom experienced more difficulties with his home improvement project and decided not to attend the services after all.  With this change of plans we loaded the kids up and headed out Sunday morning.

It really is not possible to adequately describe the condition of the road from Srey Nouy to Varin, but those of you who had the privilege of visiting Mark and Susan Webb when they were living in Kendalia, Texas may wish to use their road as a good place to begin imagining.  The potholes, bumps and dust, combined with the pigs, dogs, motos, bicycles and toddlers traveling the common one and a half lane dirt road are a great trial of anyone’s nerves and constitution. 

The congregation at Varin

The congregation at Varin

Nevertheless, on arriving, we found the service underway with a capella singing from the Khmer hymnal.  I was especially pleased to see that David introduces each hymn with a discussion of the song’s lyrics and meaning as well as related scriptural references.

At the conclusion of the song service I spoke for about 1 hour (including translation) from 1 Thessalonians 5:5-24 (click here for audio).  The congregation was, for the most part, quite attentive including even the youngest of children who were present in the worship.  David had invited the commune and district leaders as well as the chief of police and a number of police officers.  Unfortunately, with only a couple of exceptions they arrived about an hour late and missed the bulk of the preaching.  They were very polite and gracious, however, and have been very helpful to David in his efforts within the community.

Please continue to pray that God will bless the work in Varin and that the church will experience both spiritual and numerical growth.  Current projects that Brother David is pursuing include the completion of the meeting house (concrete floor installation) and a gate for the property.  He is also hoping to establish an orphanage and vocational training facilities at some later date on his property adjacent to the church house and a burial park (cemetery) in the nearby community.

We will probably concentrate our Sunday morning efforts from this point forward toward meeting in our home and/or in nearby communities, so it was a blessing to share the experience with Brother David and the people of Varin Primitive Baptist Fellowship.

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Suong, Kampong Cham Province

Fellowship Meeting in Suong, Kampong Cham

Fellowship Meeting in Suong, Kampong Cham

Last week I was blessed to again visit with a group of believers in the village of Suong on the highway to the east of Kampong Cham town.  Sister Siem is the nominal leader of a women’s Bible study in this area and this was the second time that Dara and I travelled there for a day of teaching.

I was asked to present a message on the subject, “The Family of God.”  After much prayer I finally settled on preaching two rather lengthy messages.  The first was a sermon on the nature and structure of God’s family with a focus on the means through which God’s children are brought to him.  We are given power to become the sons of God when we are born of the Spirit of God, and when the spirit of adoption is given too us.  I attempted to deal with the different aspects of sonship as well as the evidences and consequences of this relationship. Texts included: Ephesians 3:15; John 1:12-13; John 3:3; Ephesians 1:5. (click here for audio)

The second message was entitled, “A Godly Family” (click here for audio) and was focused on how

Sister Siem's House where the meeting was held.

Sister Siem's House where the meeting was held.

 the family is established as a picture of the relationship between Christ and the Church.  I dealt with the texts in Ephesians and Colossians which address the family structure and relationships as well as additional texts supporting the responsibility of Husbands, wives, fathers and children as the children of God in the home.

After the conclusion of the messages, I was pleased with the content of a question/answer period (click here for audio)where several pertinent questions were asked giving me an opportunity to expand on the messages. 

A couple of notable prayer requests were made.  First, a dear sister there has recently separated from her abusive and unbelieving husband.  She asked for counsel and for prayer regarding her situation and her responsibility toward her husband and family.  I provided the counsel of scripture and assured her that I would be praying for God’s direction in her life and for the conversion of her husband.

Sister Siem and her Daughter

Sister Siem and her Daughter

Second, Sister Siem’s eldest daughter has recently completed high school and has received a full paid government scholarship to attend nursing school in Phnom Penh.  Her desire is to complete her nursing degree and then pursue medical school to eventuallybe a Medical Doctor.  Her immediate need is for financial ability to pay her room and board during the first year of school before she is able to begin working in the hospital.  After that, the reality is that it is nearly impossible to become a qualified medical doctor here in Cambodia.  Pray that God will provide and direct this young girl and that he will be glorified in her as she devotes her life to him.

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Substitute Grandparents?

Roger and Maree Hesketh visiting Weyel World

Roger and Maree Hesketh visiting Weyel World

As I mentioned in my last post, we were blessed last week with the friendship of Roger and Maree Hesketh of Launceston, Tazmania, Australia. We first met them at the Christian Fellowship on the evening of November 8. From the moment we met them we were impressed by their kind and laid back demeanor and their friendly approach to us.

Because of my scheduled trip to Pailin, we hastened to invite them to dinner on Monday night, and, after a bit of Cambodian style sluething, we were able to acquire their local cell number and deliver the invite. Roger was a bit out of sorts from too much of the local cuisine, so instead of supper they joined us for tea and coffee later in the evening.

We rejoiced to learn of their experience of coming to Christ and of how He has worked in and through them. We talked of shared experiences including home education and living in a foreign land (they once lived for a number of years in Papua New Guinea).

Roger and Maree have been enjoying a fairly lengthy holiday excursion through the countries of the former French Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia). To learn more about them and their journey, visit their blog at

After our time together Monday evening, we knew that we wanted to continue our acquaintance with the Heskeths, but were sure that they would be leaving before I was able to return from Pailin. What a blessing it was that they decided to extend their visit in Siem Reap, and even gifted us with an anniversary present of a dinner out alone while they watched (Emily has informed me that she is much too big to be babysat) the kids.

By this time we were already calling Roger and Maree our “adopted

Roger and Jeremiah hard at work.

Roger and Jeremiah hard at work.

grandparents” because of the way that they were interacting with the children. On Friday evening, Rachel and I were completely at peace with leaving our children for the first time since Grandma and Cappaw’s visit in August. When we drove out of the yard, Roger was already crawling on the ground with Jeremiah making a pegboard out of a scrap piece of wood.

The evening was so successful that when we arrived home several hours later, the kids were sound asleep and didn’t appear to have missed us a bit.

Sunday morning Worship at Sokhom's house.

Sunday morning Worship at Sokhom's house.

Sunday morning, we had scheduled services at Sokhom’s house in the Angkor historic area and were pleased to have the Hesketh’s join in our worship. We cannot properly express our thanks to God for sending Roger and Maree into our lives for one week, nor can we explain the encouragement that their presence has brought to us in a time of despondency.

Please join us in praying that God will continue his richest blessings in their lives and ministry and that God will bless their family, congregation, and friends.

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A Visit to Ban Laem, Battambong Province

I have been thankful for the friendships that have been opened up to me through our occasional attendance at the afternoon services of the Christian Fellowship of Siem Reap.  It is a great blessing for God’s people of a variety of denominational affiliations to meet together on a regular basis for fellowship and worship.   The manner of worship is a bit different for this Old School Baptist, but the people are good, and I am hopeful that by His grace God will continue His work among them. 

Meanwhile, I have been meeting with the once each month men’s fellowship, including hosting the meeting for the month of November here in our home. 

On Sunday, November 8, 2009, in the absence of the scheduled speaker, Pastor Ivor Greer, I was asked to preach to the assembled saints.  I attempted to speak on the context and emphasis of Ephesians 1:1-14.  I pray that it was a blessing to the folks there and that God will continue his blessings through his word.  The theme of Ephesians is being continued throughout this month in the preaching of Pastor Greer.

A special blessing which entered our life on that Sunday, was the presence of Pastor Roger and Maree Hesketh from Tazmania, Australia.  Roger and Maree are on the last leg of a multi-week vacation from his pastorate.  They had discovered our blog page and in spite of our failure to list contact information, were looking for us at the service.  Their stay in Siem Reap was a tremendous blessing and encouragement to our entire family.   I hope to add more on this later.

The past few weeks have been busy ones indeed as I have been attempting to commit myself more wholly to study and to preaching the word. It was refreshing, albeit tiring to leave the family here in Siem Reap last week for a three day jaunt over to Pailin City and western Battambong Province for a minister’s meeting. 

The meeting was hosted by Brother Keuy Kong at the meeting house adjacent to his home in KomReang village.  Brother Kong is a 52 year old farmer/preacher who has proven himself to be a devoted leader of the believers in his area.  Kom Reang is about 5 Km from the Thai/Cambodian border crossing of Ban Laem, just north of the boundary of Pailin City district.

The Meetinghouse at KomReang, Battambong Province

The Meetinghouse at KomReang, Battambong Province

We began on Wednesday morning early with a series of messages on a variety of topics including salvation by grace, ecclesiology (the doctrine of the church) and a variety of related topics.

I was very thankful for the opportunity to spend a lot of time in question and answer sessions with the brethren and was able to address a number of misunderstandings and/or issues of confusion regarding Biblical concepts as well as Primitive Baptist practice.

I was pleased to meet with a number of brethren with whom I have studied

Group photo of congregation in attendance.

Group photo of congregation in attendance.

before as well as at least five that I had not had the privilege of meeting before.

At the conclusion of our meeting, a number of individuals presented themselves for baptism upon profession of faith in Christ alone for salvation and agreement with the doctrine and church heritage expressed in my messages. After extensive discussion and instruction regarding the gravity of such a request, those whose minds were set upon baptism were received and immersed in a nearby stock tank.

The baptism of these brethren and others only increases the urgency and the volume of work that is required of me in the months ahead. 

Baptism of Brother Kong

Baptism of Brother Kong

I find the burden of providing training resources and individual mentoring to each of these men to be increasingly heavy.  I am ever conscience that the work is greater than either myself or Brother Dara can bear.  Nevertheless, this realization points us to the One whose work it is.  Please join in prayer that God will supply the needs of His infant church congregations and potential pastors in Cambodia.


The Old CRV has been put through it on the roads of Battambong.

The Old CRV has been put through it on the roads of Battambong.

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